Open Source / LAMP Technology

Open Source PHP is an open source web development language which is highly scalable, can operate over multiple web servers and connect to multiple databases including MySQL, Oracle, SQLite, PostGreSQL and more. The LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack provides us the platform to put all these together and build web applications. The webservers are usually Apache or Nginx (with/without Load Balancers). In addition to this we also make use of Memcached, Varnish, SOLR, Redis, APC and many more techniques to improve the performance of our websites.


UI / UX We just don't believe in "Web Designs". Instead we strive to provide the customers with a rich User Experience / User Interface where the focus is on how the user 'feels'. Our main objective in such an approach is to ensure that there is a logical flow from Step 1 to Sept N and also simplicity and clarity in its graphical representation while developing web applications. We often start off with UI wireframes, prototypes to help the customers in understanding the solutions better before actually starting the development.

CMS Development and Upgradation Services

Content Management System We use popular Content Management Systems like Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla and many more. CMS allows the web content Administrators to easily add/edit and publish content, manage images, files and documents. The Backoffice administration assists in site configuration, content management, user management and also in managing themes / templates with ease. The availability of thousands of extensions or plugins to extend the CMS capabilities is an added advantage. Apart from building websites, we also provide migration services from one CMS to another and also do upgradation of the CMS applications.

MVC Frameworks

MVC FrameworksCodeIgniter, Symfony, Zend are some of the PHP frameworks we have expertise in. These frameworks follow MVC (Model, View and Controller) architecture, provide a list of utilities, libraries and helpers. They help in building highly robust, secure and scalable applications and allows customization and flexibility based on the customers tailored requirements.

API Services

Custom and 3rd Party API Integration Custom and 3rd Party API development and integration services using XML/JSON, Representational State Transfer (REST), SOAP. Integration experience with Global Distribution Systems (GDS), ERP and CRM applications.

Bespoke Applications

Bespoke Applications Bespoke or custom or tailor-made software is often specifically developed for certain customers or needs. This is a direct contrast when compared to off-the-shelf content management systems or frameworks. This is mostly suggested when a clear architecture and database structure is defined and we need to build an application from the scratch to allow full control and flexibility in terms of incorporating the requirements. This can hence easily accommodate customer’s particular preferences and expectations.

GDS Integration for Internet Booking Engines

GDS Integration for Internet Booking Engines A Global Distribution System (GDS) is a centralized system accessible through the world wide web which enables automated transactions between third parties and booking agents in order to provide travel related services to end customers. These are mostly used for Airline reservations, Hotel bookings, Holiday packages, car rentals etc. We have expertise in developing completely plugable Internet Booking Engines (IBE) which communicates with the various GDS’s like Amadeus, Sabre, Galileo etc using the web service protocols including REST and SOAP.

E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce Solutions We have expertise in building e-commerce web applications which allows business owners to do business online. Since there are transactions involved, it is crucial that the sites are robust, secure and flexible enough to meet the changing trends in online business. We use Magento, Xcart, Opencart, Shopify and many more PHP ecommerce platforms which not only provide the smartest solution to go online, but also provides the ability to integrate with other ERP and CRM systems and will ease the process of Payment Gateway and Shipping methods integrations.

Custom Module / Plugin / Component

Custom Module / Plugin / Component Sometimes despite the use of the common Content Management Systems, MVC frameworks or off-the-shelf plugins/extensions, there may be requirements which require customized plugins/extensions to be built. We have the capability of building highly customized extensions which can be plugged into any of the PHP open source frameworks or content management systems.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Using our expertise in SEO techniques which include on page optimization, keywords, analytics and more, we can help your websites to improve the page rankings and feature higher in Search Engine results.