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Empowerment @ Coddle

Employee Empowerment is the ongoing process with a primary goal of giving power to employees to exercise decisions about work-related matters by identifying and removing causes for low efficiency in employees. It could be offering suggestions how the job should be performed, work hours, working conditions, company policies, peer review. Employee empowerment leads to creating a work environment where the employee is allowed to make his own decision in the specific task related situation. The decision(s) taken could be big or small, but the goal of employee empowerment is to increase the employee's responsibility and to build employee morale.

Employee Empowerment is an effective way to improve Employee morale by providing an opportunity to attain intrinsic rewards from the work they do. Intrinsic rewards such as sense of purposeful work done and job satisfaction are more powerful than extrinsic rewards such as a bonus or higher wages. Also, it can increase productivity through better decisions, especially when decisions require task-specific knowledge.

One of the key responsibilities which Coddle’s HR department undertake is to realize and give emphasis on the importance of empowering people in our organization.

Elements which Coddle consider for its Employee Empowerment

Accuracy and Clarity : Clarifying objectives and expectations is the first step. Employees can progress at work only if they are aware of what results they are expected to deliver. With empowerment the Manager role shifts from micromanaging to holding an employee accountable for results. So our Managers clearly define expected results and communicate with our associates frequently so that each individual understands their responsibilities and accountabilities.

Mentoring & Coaching: Before empowering our employees, we provide adequate mentoring, coaching and on the job training for increasing knowledge and skills of our employees. This, in turn, build up employee’s problem-solving skills, thus empowering them to take more informed decisions.

Encourage and support: Coddle’s Managers support employees by supplying the aids and resources they need to progress and remove any obstacles that may hinder their progress. They empower our employees by serving their needs by providing the time, resources, and encouragement necessary for achieving goals and actively working to minimize any barriers to success.

Autonomy and freedom: Empowering employee means giving them the complete autonomy they need to do their job. Managers get out of their way once employees know what they are expected to do. We trust our employees to get the work done.

We have faced following advantages on empowering our employees

  • Increased job satisfaction

  • Increased employee participation

  • Effective Team work

  • Increases trust in the organization

  • Reduces turnaround time.

  • Better productivity and profitability

  • Less conflict, as employees are likely to agree with changes if they are involved in the decision making process

Empowerment brings many positive results for the organization like a quick turn around and response time to customer, teamwork, and communication, employees participating to create their own goals. A lower degree of absenteeism and better productivity with increased employee contribution.

We at Coddle Technologies always strives for empowering employees by being more innovative, creative and by reorienting ourselves focused on employee motivation. We recognize talents of our employees, train to empower them, thus creating a work environment for Coddlites to accomplish their job with freedom.