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System Integration

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The Application Programming Interface(API) economy is growing rapidly and companies are joining the fray in making APIs an integral part of their growth strategies. API is indispensable to any web solution, a software module, plugin, web application, or web design as it lays down the protocols/standards to access a web-based app.

At Coddle, we provide you API development and API integration services across all industry verticals which allow you to smoothly integrate industry-leading tools into your own applications and products.

Our experienced API coders with proper vision on what is expected, when it should be delivered, and what pain points are to be solved provides valued services which are strictly aligned with business goals.

Global distribution systems (GDS) has contributed much to shape the eventual fate of worldwide travel market and is yet shaping the future till date. It plays a central role in the online travel agency and traditional agency business model.

With the level of expertise Coddle technologies has on travel booking domain, we made it easy for our clients to keep up with the rapidly evolving global online travel market which is both challenging and rewarding for them.

Our talented developers who are having in-depth knowledge in GDSs like Amadeus and Sabre provides you the most competent integration with a wide range of customization to meet your every business requirement.

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