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Grievance handling @ Coddle

Every organization hopes that their employees are happy and satisfied with the work and working conditions. In spite of best efforts from the organization, employees may have occasional concerns, feedback or grievances. When these concerns or grievances are not resolved in time, the result is employee dissatisfaction.

Grievances can be real or imagined feeling of dissatisfaction or unfairness which an employee experiences about his job or about policies and procedures. When these grievances or concerns are communicated to management or the organization at large and when left unattended, it leads to lower morale and efficiency of the employees. Further, it results in frustration, low productivity, absenteeism, lack of interest in work.

Since there can be different reasons for an employee being discontent and dissatisfied, it is not an easy task for the management to keep all the employees satisfied and motivated, all the time. The organization should have grievance redressal procedure for employees to share their dissatisfaction and effective grievance redressal system to keep employees satisfied.

Below are the efficient ways how Coddle address employee grievances and sharing how we measure the outcomes.

Grievance redressal system

We have a system for employees to notify their complaints or grievances to be addressed. Below were some of the key things we considered while setting up this process.

  1. Included the policy as part of employee handbook for their easy reference.
  2. Dedicated HR department person to handle grievances. Employees were assured that submitted grievances are dealt confidentially.
  3. Grip box placed in a central location which can be easily accessible by all employees.
  4. Simple online surveys to gather employee grievances without collecting their identity information.
  5. Addressing employee grievances with an ETA, sharing the ETA with employees and sticking to the committed ETA.

Addressing Grievances

Acknowledge – We assure employees that they are being heard. We make sure their grievances are received and aptly addressed by organization.

Investigate – We gather information regarding employee’s concerns. If an employee has listed any specific incident or situation, we do inquire about it and get the relevant data to find a right solution to the grievance raised.

Decide – After getting all information we examine the artifacts, formulate and find a solution. It may involve discussing the idea or solution with other senior members or even with employees of our organization.

Act – Once decision is made, we act swiftly. Unresolved grievances negatively impact the morale of employees and productivity of the organization.

Reviewing Outcomes

Over a period of time, it is always a good idea to review the solution provided for the grievance. That way, we can ensure if solution provided has really solved the problem. We follow-up and check with the employee who raised the issue to see if he or she is satisfied with the decision outcome. Based on the feedback, if required, we make appropriate adjustments to the solution provided if the grievance isn't completely resolved.

Now it’s part Coddle’s culture to listen to our employees and address their grievances with shortest turnaround time.